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Young mom in her fourth trimester as she snuggles with her newborn baby and has skin to skin time together in Concord, CA photographed by Xilo Photography

Documentary Newborn Sessions: Behind The Scenes Look



Dive into the rush of new life with a behind the scenes look at Documentary Newborn Sessions with Xilo Photography, a San Francisco Bay Area Documentary Family Photographer who timestamps and preserves precious moments of a newborn’s first few weeks of life.

Family of 3 playing during indoor photoshoot in San Francisco Bay Area

What To Expect When I’m Your Photographer: Family Edition

Bay Area Family Photography


Well, let’s dive in! I know it’s exciting, scary, and all the things to hire a photographer for your special occasions, milestones, newborn sessions, and annual family pictures. Don’t worry. My goal is to make this process as simple as possible for you. I am a San Fransisco Bay Area Photographer who specializes in capturing […]

An inclusive intimate wedding and elopement photographer, Xilo Photography, Kati Douglas who is based in Oakland, California in the bay area, took this picture of a same sex gay couple on their wedding day/elopement day as the two grooms lean in near the beach with waves crashing in the background at Fort Funston, CA which was their intimate wedding venue. Ever wondered what is an intimate wedding or what would be considered a small wedding? This is a great example of both!

Intimate Wedding VS. Small Wedding VS. Micro-Wedding

San Francisco Photographer


Find out what is considered an intimate wedding, micro-wedding, and small wedding. Which is right for you and your wedding budget? I know you’ve been searching for the perfect aesthetic for your wedding day, and you’ve run across the terms micro-wedding, intimate weddings, and small weddings. What is considered an intimate wedding? Intimate weddings are usually more intentional and focused.

Family of three snuggles in bed during family photography session with Xilo Photography

Cozy Family Photoshoot with Xilo Photography in Oakland, CA



In-Home Family Photoshoot with Xilo Photography Family Photoshoot with Xilo Photography in Oakland, CA   This was a particularly cozy and lovely in-home Family Session in Oakland, CA with three special people. While I had documented Mama and son twice before, this was our first time in-home with an extra special add on! What a […]

Family of 4 walking across log during family photography session with Xilo Photography at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA.

Sweet Family Session at Regions Redwood Park in Oakland, CA



Family Photography Session with Xilo Photography Family/Newborn Photography Session in Oakland, CA   This sweet family photography session was one of the first I did after shelter-in-place order was released. We met twice, a couple weeks apart. The second meet-up was at the beautiful Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA. We wanted to capture their newest addition’s […]

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