Intimate boudoir maternity session featuring a pregnant mother to be in her master bedroom in the San Francisco Bay Area by Intimate Photographer Xilo Photography in Oakland California


Documentary Pregnancy Photo Sessions


February 5, 2023


Kati Douglas


I love people. And I love documenting them even more. As an Inclusive AF San Francisco Bay Area Photographer, I am on a mission to document everyone’s stories. Especially those whose stories have not been told with the inclusivity, equity, and joy it deserves. 

It’s a great honor for me to be able to share your story, and I do it with great heart.

What makes a documentary photography session so unique?

Indoors Pregnancy Boudoir Photoshoot with Inclusive Photographer who specializes in Intimate Photoshoots throughout the Bay Area, Xilo Photography

Documentary photography is capturing the world or subjects exactly as they are. What really sets it apart is it leaves you with feeling like you’re right there and experiencing it firsthand, and it’s not about brushing over the imperfections. People, right as they are.

Can you see why I’m drawn to documenting people and their pregnancies in this way? Exactly as they are. 

Big sister snuggles her mother's pregnant belly as she thinks about her soon to be baby sibling's arrival and birth during this lifestyle family maternity photoshoot by Xilo Photography, intimate maternity photographer in San Francisco Bay Area

Not changing their story, but telling it intentionally.

Documenting Your Pregnancy During A Photoshoot:

Sea View Trail Couples Maternity and Pregnancy Documentary Portrait Session in Berkeley by Xilo Photography, Inclusive and Authentic Documentary Photographer in San Francisco Bay Area

Your body is changing as your little one is growing. And these moments are so incredibly special. Documentary photography that can capture and celebrate your pregnant body in bloom. 

From casually snuggling with your family, partner(s), or pets, to telling the story of your life in this exact moment. As the world is rapidly changing around you, so is your body, and every stage you and your baby are growing into.

I won’t pose you. I will only guide you through connection by making you laugh and relax, and will help facilitate the light, and just allow you to be…. YOU!

Your love and connection to your unborn baby and any other participants is exactly what I’m here to capture. It’s the ART I’m called to. Emotion. Connection. Love. 

Xilo Photography of San Francisco Bay Area (also based in Oakland, CA) captured this gorgeous black and white with lots of natural light photograph of a mother, father, their adorable daughter and the mother's growing baby bump as they lounge on the couch together. In celebration of her pregnancy they scheduled a maternity photoshoot at home with Kati of Xilo Photography, an inclusive intimate documentary photographer who specializes in capturing emotions and connection in her photos

Helping You Prepare For Your Pregnancy Session:

I provide session guides for tips and tricks, styling help, questionnaires to get to know everyone involved, and of course you’ll have my help throughout the way. I’m flexible for everyone – we are all human.

When we are in a session I have an innate ability of connecting with others to make them feel comfortable, allow them to be human, and create a space that allows you to connect in a natural and authentic way.

Celebrating a pregnant person's body during this intimate Pregnancy photo session showing off her round baby bump during a third trimester at home maternity session in San Francisco Bay Area by Xilo Photography, Inclusive Intimate Photographer

And…well let’s be honest, I’m fun as hell and will do some pretty wild things for the perfect shot. I am committed to say the least. And I am not there to be picture perfect and robotic, I am there to experience and document these special moments with you, on your level, just as you experience them. And a little humor, and some wild moments help us lighten the mood AND get the shot.

Black and white nude pregnancy maternity portrait session of a stunning mother in this beautiful Russian River photographed by renowned intimate and authentic photographer in San Francisco Bay Area, Kati Douglas of Xilo Photography

So if you love to laugh, and enjoy time without feeling like you need to filter…Someone you can be yourself around who isn’t going to think twice at your laundry pile by your bedroom door, or the puppy fur on your couch… Let’s chat!

I’m only there for you, and I want to tell your story exactly as it is. So you can remember and cherish these moments for years to come (as they were), and share them with your newborn child one day.

Laying down pregnancy pose for mother who is expecting a baby, that emphasizes her growing and changing body during the second and third trimesters, shes wearing a black bralette and lace floral panties and holding her stomach as she lays back
Stunning sheer white lace rope over a pregnant mother's tummy with her reflection in a mirror showing her gorgeous motherhood journey and changing body in this maternity photoshoot in San Francisco Bay Area with Xilo Photography, intimate inclusive documentary photographer

Have you ever looked back at a photography session you had done and felt like it didn’t represent you? Or felt you looked different or it didn’t tell your story? I understand! This is exactly why I fell in love with documentary photography when I was a new mother, and struggling with postpartum depression.

I discovered my love of being able to tell others’ stories and connection. And that’s exactly what I’d love to do with you!

Take a gander at some of the beautiful people and families I’ve had the privilege of spending time with as a San Francisco Bay Area Photographer and learn more at

I am a Kati Douglas of Xilo Photography, and I’m all about the small moments and big feels. We all have a story, my work is honoring yours.

This way for more raw and real feels on Instagram: @XiloPhotography and even more inspiration on Pinterest @XiloPhotography

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