A goofy, taco-loving Mama of boys and dance party enthusiast. I live in Oakland with my husband and family. When I'm not documenting our life you can find us trying the latest yummy restaurant to open, shopping in small local businesses, or roaming the trails with our pup. People are my jam. I love all stages of life and find the uniqueness of each individual to be inspiring. I enjoy spending time with others + learning about who they are and what makes them tick.

hi! i'm kati

As a parent I feel as if I'm constantly reminding myself to remember. Remember the way I feel when they wrap their arms around my neck and snuggle to sleep. Remember their wrinkly newborn toes. Remember the way my partner throws his head back and laughs. Time is fleeting but photographs are an investment in nostalgia. When you hold photos and albums of your life, your history and memories are held in those frames and all the feelings of that moment in time are returned over and over again. 

Photographs of Kati and Fam are by the amazing Arlene Easterwood

 I began photography in high school on the Yearbook Committee when film was the only option. After the birth of my first son I was gifted a small DSLR that I used to document his life. After the birth of my youngest, I was diagnosed with PPD. When my husband sent me a photography workshop for moms I realized that capturing my world could connect me to my community in ways that I was struggling to do. 

Xilo has allowed me to honor each client with telling their unique story through my lens. As a biracial black woman with a family as diverse as can be, I strive to ensure that my portfolio reflects my beautiful community. All families, all people, and everyone deserves to have their story told. 

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