Family Photography San Francisco


San Francisco Family Photography Session


January 7, 2020


Kati Douglas


San Francisco Family Photography | Xilo Photography

The Cheston FamilyFamily Photography San Francisco

The Cheston’s are an incredibly sweet and dynamic family. They invited me into their home to document their life before a move to their new home. We decided to capture who they are and tell the story of their life with a Family Photography Session in San Francisco, the place where they brought their daughter home to.

San Francisco Family Photography

Their little one has quite the personality! She is the age of exploration, curiosity, and just plain fun. We followed their day from playtime in the living room to snack time in the kitchen. We ended our time in the house in their room snuggling, dancing, and reading books- her favorite past times!

San Francisco Family Photography

San Francisco Family Photography

One of my favorite times of the day is when the “newness” of me has worn off and sometimes we just need a break to cry and be soothed. Parents are the best at knowing what to do with their babes and that is never documented! So much of our lives are spent patting, rocking, and loving them back to a happy place that it seems only right to make sure we document what is real.

Our last stop was the park that was right next to their home. This is the place where they love to come just to “be”. It was clear they were all very comfortable there and that this was a large part of their lives. I’m so happy we got to document who they are in their real life before their big change! So happy I was able to be take their family photography in San Francisco!

Family Photography San Francisco

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