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June 24, 2019


Kati Douglas


Bay Area Newborn Photography

This Mama & Baby T pulled at my heartstrings the entire time during our Bay Area Newborn Photography Session. I almost couldn’t leave because they were just so beautiful together! Let’s not even talk about my disappointment when I had to let go of Baby T so that I could photograph him.  Honestly, I could have documented them for hours because of their connection and surreal calmness that surrounded them. It’s hard to believe that this Mama is a first timer- she was unimaginably ready for any and everything. The entire time they were connected to each other and it made our session run so smoothly and allowed us to capture the intimate and raw beauty of their love.

We began our session in the master bedroom to utilize the large bed for individual portraits of Baby T and then quickly went to a large chair by the window to document their snuggles and a quick feed. From there we traveled into the nursery so as to capture the details and also for more window lighting. Baby T’s nursery was incredible!


Bay Area Newborn Photography

The windows and mirrors in this Mama’s home were so beautiful that I was drawn to situating near them for the entirety of the session. The decor and set up of her home gave way to multiple opportunities for unique composition and perspective.



I’m so thankful to be invited into homes to document the incredible miracle and transition into parenthood. It is so different for everyone but all are just so beautiful. It is an honor to witness.

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