| Oakland Fresh 48 Documentary Lifestyle Photography Session | The Harris Family

Welcome Little EJ!

I met the Harris Family during their Family Maternity Session in San Francisco. Then a family of 3, just 3 weeks later they welcomed their first son. There’s something unique about second time parents. They are calm, collected, and silly. Unless there is a special circumstance, they have a “been there, done that” mentality and really know how to sit back and enjoy the ride. What amazed me the most about this family was how incredibly connected they all were.We were lucky to have one Grandmother at their Fresh 48 Photography Session who was able to love on each little one and make the frames with her in them that much more memorable.


Newborn Photography Sessions are some of my favorites but to be photographed in the space where you were born is unique and never able to be recreated. Special thanks to the Harris Family for inviting me in!


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