| San Francisco, CA Surprise Proposal | Caitlin & David

After our surprise proposal session at Ocean Beach it was time for Round 2 of the surprises! (Click the link to check it out if you haven’t!)

When David and Caitlin left me on the beach, I packed up my gear (read: fought my IKEA wind tent for 20ish minutes and then ended up dragging it along to the car) and headed over to their home.

As I settled in I got to meet their amazing family and friends and grab some detailed shots of the decorations (David had everything planned down to perfection- it was so impressive!). Luckily, David is a master of a straight face and Caitlin was shocked to see everyone in her home.

The couple popped some bubbly and the guests cheered their love. As they mingled, Caitlin got to show off her ring and relive details of the proposal.

Then, a knock on the door. Surprise round 3!

David had managed to get Caitlin’s entire family for this surprise including her sister and brother, her closest friends, and his family as well. It was an amazing session and I’m so honored to have captured it! Cheers to them!

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