| Oakland, CA Fresh 48 Photography Session| The Hahn Frink Family

Fresh 48 Sessions are ones that I hold dear to my heart. As the photographer, you are walking in on a momentous time of change in a family’s life and with that comes the gamut of emotions: joy, unconditional love, anxiety, and sometimes fear.

New parents (because let’s face it- overtime you have a new little one you become a new parent again) are trying to figure out a little person, field questions from nurses, and decide which is the best way to take the onesie off. Sometimes there are moments of extreme joy and other times there are moments of uncertainty. Within an hour I come to know clients on a personal level and it is such an honor.

The Hahn Frink Family welcomed their first little one into the world and immediately jumped into parenthood without pause. When I arrived they had met their little one less than 24 hours earlier and the love in the room was thick and contagious. The way that they cuddled their new little one made for one of the sweetest sessions I have ever experienced.

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