| San Francisco, CA Engagement Photography Session| David & Caitlin

It was a rare sunny day when I pulled up to Ocean Beach in San Francisco for a surprise proposal session. I had come disguised as a bird watcher: big blue wind tent, multiple jackets, binoculars (that I stole from my 9 year old), a J.Lo floppy hat, and my telephoto lens. I found them on the beach quickly and set up shot about 50 feet away.

While waiting, I stuck it out in my wind tent. One hand on my camera and the other was holding the binoculars that I was pretending to look through. I now have a newfound respect for paparazzi, particularly the ones who don’t get caught.

David and I had done extensive planning around how this session would happen (complete with pictorial maps) so as not to miss the perfect shot. We had every detail down: arrival times, amount of time he needed to be on his knee (at least 15 seconds), which way he needed to face, and the special signal that let me know he was about to propose.

The proposal was beautiful, perfectly timed, and full of raw emotion.  After he proposed, and Caitlin realized the creepy bird watching lady was actually the photographer,  we walked down the beach and captured candid shots of them walking, cuddling, and chatting together. We stayed on the beach until the sun faded beneath the horizon to capture the beautiful sunset.

Thankfully, Caitlin is easily surprised and she didn’t suspect the 2nd part of David’s huge surprise. Stay tuned for Part II of their proposal story!

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