| Oakland, CA Event Photography Session| Sol Sisters Share the Health

Sol Sisters, Inc is a woman-run nonprofit based in the East Bay.  Sol Sisters, Inc. is dedicated to providing access to holistic health services in order to enrich, empower, and evolve women of all backgrounds. They held their amazing annual Share the Health event at the Lake Merritt Amphitheater and I was honored to be their photographer.

This event invites women of all ages to come raise their heart rate, practice self care and build community. It was an amazing place to make connections and I met some awesome women who travelled from all over (and inspired me to hit the gym more often)!

The event hosts multiple businesses that set up shop and offer products and deals. Trainers from around the Bay Area were there to host 20 minute trainings and ranged from yoga, HIIT, and hip hop. I’ve never seen so many women smile while squatting.

One of the booths was a mask and meditate booth that provided peace and mindfulness while nourishing your skin.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sol Sisters, Inc check out their website. and get involved. They’re currently looking for volunteers! Hope to see you at their next event!

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