| Berkeley, CA Event Photography Session | Booklandia at the Bay Area Book Festival

When I was asked to document a panel of authors at the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley I was ecstatic. Books are my jam, it must be the teacher in me. Then I found out that the panel was all authors of color and almost all women which added to my excitement. When I realized the panel  was led by Maceo, the owner of Booklandia Book Box who is also a woman of color, I was literally jumping for joy. What is this divine coincidence, universe?!



Maceo’s business is helping pave the way for more Spanish bilingual books, featuring characters of color and written by people of color to have more than just a single shelf in the bookstore. She has various packages available and you can choose to receive hand picked books as frequently as you’d like. The books she sends range from baby to teen and have a host of topics that can connect children of color to their characters. 


The panel featured 4 authors who spoke of their now inspiration for their books, institutionalized racism in schools, their own experiences that have shaped the narrative of their characters, how to make sure you are choosing books that are not promoting racism and stereotypes, and how books can help protest the current political climate. 

I walked away from the panel in awe and amazement. I can’t wait to read their books so of course I’m signing up! . I highly suggest you do too! 

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