| The Tired Mamas Guide | 6 Ideas For the Mom You Haven’t Bought a Gift For


May 11, 2018


Kati Douglas


As you know, the Hallmark of all holidays is in just a few days and if you’re like me, you’re sweating bullets because:

  1. You haven’t ordered your Mom flowers due to some slight procrastination.

  2. When you remembered (ahem..yesterday) your favorite flower delivery is all sold out, except for the $145 option. Love you Mom, but there are no tulips in the world that I’m dropping over $100 on.

  3. The one thing she said she wanted you can’t find anywhere.

If you find yourself in a similar boat or you’re a Mom (and you can’t get past your 5 page to-do list to even think about what you want for Mother’s Day)  then I’ve got you covered! Read on for my quick guide to Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Spend Guilty Time With Family

The Catch 22 of Mother’s Day is the Mom guilt that comes with it if we don’t spend time with our kids. So, let’s get through this lovely brunch and please, for the love of children everywhere, make a reservation so I’m not waiting outside with 2 kids badgering me about when we are going to eat.

2. No Touch Zone

Seriously, just leave us the heck alone.  We are touched out. All day long we are giving, giving, giving and once in a while we just want to be by ourselves without anyone up in our personal space.  To pee, to eat, to change out of our pajamas. Maybe sleep in the bed without someone taking the covers? The possibilities here are endless.

3. Sleep

I haven’t had a full night sleep in 2 years. Let me sleep for 3 hours uninterrupted and I might regain 20% of the brain cells I lost from having 2 kids. This could be the greatest gift you can give to not only me, but to all the folks who I continually have to call and reschedule appointments with because I keep forgetting them due to sleep deprivation.

4. Food

All moms are malnourished. Science says so. Somewhere right now there is a Mom who is eating a snack with one hand while: d rocking a baby and brushing crumbs off their forehead, fishing for a toy their child dropped in the backseat, or zooming around doing 10 things at once (and none of them well). Send food. We need help.  

5. Something That Doesn’t Revolve Around Our  Job as a Mom

House cleaner?


Special sponge to do the dishes?

New lunchboxes for the kids?

Don’t do it. It’s a trap. Those aren’t mother’s day gifts. As Moms we are conditioned to ask for what is practical because it benefits us and fits in our budgets but don’t do it. We will resent you.  If you need help then pick up the phone and call our friends to ask them what to get us. We tell them everything, so they know.

On second thought, maybe send the house cleaner while I sleep? It’s actually not that bad of an idea….


6. Something From the Kids

We love handmade items and if our kids make them we will treasure them forever. Handprints, footprints, cards, a song you record. Anything. Give us all the memories and laminate or frame them so we won’t spill our coffee on it. 


I hope this guide gets you through another Mother’s Day where you aren’t making the plans yourself. If you need to, forward this link to your partner to nudge them in the right direction. Happy Mother’s Day!