|Newborn Photography Session| Antioch, CA

One thing that I truly adore about Lifestyle Newborn Photography Sessions is that no two are the same. Each client, each baby, and each family are so unique that it keeps every session’s perspective fresh and exciting.


Just like in any photography session that I enter, I truly feel honored to be invited into a family’s space. The newborn days are so fleeting and transformative that to witness even an hour in a family’s life during this time is noteworthy and downright special.

From the moment I entered the Moultrie Family’s home I knew that I had stumbled upon absolute love. Baby P is their first baby and was showered in kisses, hugs and cuddles the entire time I was there.


Baby P and her parents were truly connected and the attachment they share made for beautiful frames. One of my favorite parts of the session was capturing Baby P’s details and gorgeous features. Look at those eyes!

Tons of love (and sleep!) to the Moultrie Family on their newest addition. What an amazing family!


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