Baby Fi Makes Us 3

You never know what to expect in a newborn session as parents are adapting to their newest addition. There’s no schedule in newborn land and they sure don’t care about any session plan that you and their parents have decided upon.

This session was filled to the brim with the unexpected: cluster feedings, poop explosions and 2 outfit changes. You know, the typical activities that happen within 45 minutes of a baby’s life. Mom and Dad rode these waves like champs, they laughed and supported each other, loved on their baby and already had an innate understanding of her personality. 

Oh, new life. As a parent you’re never really ready for what is to come and this family took the unexpected and rolled with it. We may have started this session with some chaos but we ended it with them singing and dancing to Baby Fi while she looked on. 

I’m so grateful I got to capture this family and their joy. This newborn session was gifted to them and it’s going to be my go-to present to new parents from now on. One thing is always for sure with a newborn, the love just pours out and it’s such an honor to witness it!

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