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Choosing a photographer to document your life isn’t always an easy decision. As your personal storyteller, my work is relationship based. I invest in my clients to ensure that I honor your true selves and reflect the raw, authenticity of who you are. My work takes time, before and during the session, to get to know you and build a relationship where you feel comfortable in front of the camera and trust that I’m going to capture those small moments that are SO important. Each of my sessions includes a structure that allows me the opportunity to understand who you are so that when it comes time for your session you feel at ease: we can chat, play fun games, and you get to let down your guard to make new memories in the moment.
All sessions: are untimed, include a phone consultation and  questionnaire, a session guide with tips + tricks, a styling guide with access to personalized styling, and a new photographer friend :)

As a parent I feel as if I'm constantly reminding myself to remember. Remember the way I feel when they wrap their arms around my neck and snuggle to sleep. Remember their wrinkly newborn toes. Remember the way my husband throws his head back and laughs when they sneeze. Time is fleeting but photographs are an investment in nostalgia. When you hold photos and albums of your life, your history and memories are held in those frames and all the feelings of that moment in time are returned over and over again. 

Newborn and Fresh 48 Sessions can never be replaced. They are fleeting moments in time that can only truly be remembered when documented. 

starting at $750

Newborn + Fresh 48

Honoring your life as it is now and before the change that is soon to come will be the most empowering and significant photographs you will ever own. Life changes quickly after a baby (after each baby!) and is often a time spent in remembering what was. These photographs honor who you are in this moment and how powerful and beautiful pregnancy is. Maternity sessions are both intimate and full of joy. 

starting at $750


It is always a good time to get your crew together for a family session. Be it milestone or just to capture your lives in this moment. These sessions allow for enough time for kiddos to warm up to the camera and get parents comfortable enough to connect and play. Each session is full of snuggles and personalized to what your family loves to do the most. Our goal is to capture the sillies, the cuddles, and the personality of each and eery one of you. 

starting at $750